Why this site exists

Mission Statement

The Coronavirus has crippled the economy in the United States within a matter of weeks. Small businesses (and the people they employ) have in particular suffered immediately. As a lovely and empathetic community, I am reaching out to my fellow San Diegans to help our neighbors in their time of need.

What we can do

  • Support local businesses: Although many shops have closed down their in-person experiences, we still have the opportunity to donate or purchase from them! Look for your favorite local business website and see if you can purchase a gift card or a piece of merchandise! We will work towards generating a list of venmo, patreon, paypal, or other methods by which the community can donate.
  • Social Distancing: One of the best things for these businesses will be to reopen! Let's do our best to follow guidelines of social distancing and self-care in order to slow down the spread of disease. The better we do as a nation to mitigate the disease, the sooner these local businesses can open their doors to the public.

COVID-19 Resources

Keeping busy during social distancing

Is cabin fever beginning to set in? Here are a few things to help keep the mind at ease!